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We love video games, movies, sneakers, cigars, rescue dogs, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, traveling abroad, old trucks, new tech and the smell of the desert after a rainstorm.

The Skeletons of SKP

Vanessa Hickey


Vanessa’s is an accomplished member of the Director’s Guild of America, boasting more than 100 credits ranging from studio tentpoles, network television, superbowl spots and renowned reality series. She has been privileged to work for HBO, Netflix, OWN, MTV, USA, Lifetime, History Channel and slated to return to her third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Additionally, she has served as a production supervisor and coordinator on projects for such companies as Dimension, SYFY, Hallmark, The Sundance Film Festival and The American Film Market.


Currently, she is the writer & director of the true crime/science fiction podcast Sight <> Sound releasing through Skeleton Key Productions in 2020.

Billy Maursky



Throughout his 15 year career, Bill has adventured across the U.S. and globe as a producer, production and location manager on over 30 feature films. Working for studios such as Marvel, Universal, Sony, Fox, Warner Bros, Lionsgate and Legendary.


He is member of the Location Managers Guild InternationalT, Teamsters and alumni of Columbia College Chicago.


Bill resides in Las Vegas and Atlanta.

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Ryan Kissling

Has been at the fore front of  viral and internet based marketing since 2001.


Successfully managing  

marketing teams for  Monster Energy and Smart Water all while earring his doctorate in medicine.


Currently, owner of Align Med, operating six locations through Las Vegas and two more in Texas.


Ryan is a founder and CEO of Skeleton Key  Productions.